Mobile Casino FAQs

Many players, especially new players at mobile casinos have a variety of questions they want answers to before they make a decision to play at a particular casino. The following are some of the most commonly asked questions with answers provided.

What exactly is a mobile casino?

Mobile casinos are a form of online gambling in which players can access games through a mobile device. These casinos have limited game selection but can product cash winnings.

What types of devices can be used at mobile casinos?

Each mobile casino will offer a list of supported devices. Basically, any device that can connect to the internet will have the ability to download casino software. Android phones, smartphones and apple products are the most commonly used and all of these can support mobile casinos. Check with the individual casino to see if the device owned is supported.

Can players win real money?

As long as the player has a real money account with the mobile casino, they will win cash. There are many mobile casinos that are available for fun, in which players will not need to use money to play the games. In these, there will be no cash winnings. However, in any mobile casino that players make cash deposits to their account, they will have the ability to make withdrawals and collect any winnings that have been earned. Mobile casinos work exactly the same as online casinos and players can even play for progressive jackpots.

Do mobile casinos have age limits?

Yes. Every mobile casino will require each player to be at least 18 years of age to play for money.

What games are available?

The actual games will vary per casino, but players will find they are offered a nice selection of the latest and greatest casino games. Players will be able to choose from Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Poker and many other table games. They can also play slot games, video poker, scratch cards and Keno.

Is it safe to play for real money through a mobile device?

Absolutely. Each mobile casino is regulated by law and must possess a license to operate. Each casino will also use encryption software to provide player protection. All personal and financial information is kept confidential, making mobile casinos just as safe as online casinos.

Is it legal to play games in mobile casinos?

Each country will have its own laws and regulations regarding online gambling. Players are responsible for learning whether online gambling is allowed. Many players from the US will find they have few choices when it comes to online gambling.

What happens if I get a new mobile device?

As long as the device can support downloads, players should have no problems. They will have to download the casino and game software to the new device, but there player account information will remain the same.

Are the downloads large?

Unlike the downloads at online casinos, mobile casinos have small downloads, allowing for a fast download time and the need for minimal space. These mobile casinos offer fewer games and the graphics and sounds are not as enhanced, allowing the download to be smaller and much faster.

Will I be charged call rates when playing at a mobile casino?

No. The mobile casino is accessed through an internet connection and has nothing to do with call minutes. Any charges incurred will be for data download. International fees will not be applied. The fees will only be for the time necessary to complete the download. Once downloaded, there are no fees for playing the games.